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Here at Spacecrown (The Yong Seng Hong Factory Ltd. Partnership) the manufacturers of fine quality motorcycle helmets in the Kingdom of Thailand.  Our company brings forth over 20 years of unparallel experience in helmet craftsmanship and innovative designs. We started our humble beginnings with an idea that every man, women and child needs high quality protection for the head, so we started hand making our helmets for local Thai markets.  We have grown by leaps and bounds since our early beginnings into a full fledge manufacturing company that specializes in constructing superior helmets for all needs, whether it is for a small child, teenager or a professional racer.  We at Spacecrown have a vision to supply everyone in the world with one of our virtually 100% handcrafted helmets.  We have huge selections of superior quality helmets at prices that will satisfy all consumers.

At Spacecrown, safety and quality products is our main goal, so all of our helmets strictly adhere and conforms to all T.I.S.I. safety standards.  We stand behind all of our products so that we meet and exceed all the safety requirements.

So if safety is important to you than let Spacecrown be a part of your daily life.  We care for all of our customers’ protection from head injuries so that is why we strive to make the best, safest helmets that can be afforded by everyone.  We strongly believe in making helmets that will be durable, strong and have innovative designs with one goal in mind, “a high quality product means top quality protection for everyone.”

Thank you for viewing our website and patronage from Spacecrown (The Yong Seng Hong Factory Ltd. Partnership).